School and educational approach

For nearly 20 years, IFFDEC has been offering professional training programs for design enthusiasts in the fields of interior architecture, graphic design, object design and illustration.

In 2018, IFFDEC began a whole new adventure by joining Icônes network (along with ESMA, ETPA, IPESAA, CinéCréatis, College Marsan and College Salette) which provides training in the fields of cinema and animation, photography, game design, illustration, concept art, space and graphic design.

In 2019, IFFDEC has moved into a brand new campus offering an exceptional living environment, housing and facilities specifically designed for the well-being and professional success of its students.

IFFDEC Rennes 35


Required profile & curriculum

Accessible with a high school diploma, IFFDEC’s training courses are organized in cycles of 3 to 5 years. Students can specialize in Space Design, Graphic Design, Illustration / Concept-Art, Product Design, Interior Architecture and Global Design.

The institution trains the future professional designers, and offers them higher level courses in applied arts.

All the courses provided by IFFDEC benefit from the recognition of “higher level training” (Rennes Regional Education Authority).

As a result, students who join the school systematically enjoy student status and can apply for housing assistance.


Located in Rennes, IFFDEC is a private off-contract independent school which prepares students for professional specializations in design.