Professional equipment

and advanced equipment

In order to offer our students optimal study conditions and to prepare them as well as possible for their future professional activity, we make it a point of honour to provide our students with the latest professional equipment.

High-tech equipment

Icônes schools, as members of a label that promotes academic excellence and the implementation of all means to facilitate the professional integration of the students, pay particular attention to the study conditions offered within their establishments. These conditions are strategically considered and meet a certain number of selective criteria. Thus, depending on the specialities taught in the establishments, technical facilities dedicated to practical application are provided, including plastic arts workshops, photo laboratories, sound studios, film sets, motion capture studios or even Fablabs housing workbenches and 3D printers. Of course, the computer hardware and creative software are regularly updated, for an artistic practice of professional quality. On a systemic level, the Icônes schools are designed from the outset with a view to enhancing the value of the students’ work and enabling them to evolve in an environment in keeping with the professional reality. Also, our various establishments are built with large classrooms, amphitheatres, auditoriums, conference rooms and projection rooms, all of which contribute to making our schools environments conducive to design, discussion and exchange. The Icônes network has recently offered to make its facilities and technical equipment available to professionals in the visual industry, so that they can carry out large-scale projects jointly with our students.