The member schools of the Icônes network are particularly proud of the success of their students and the skills they have been able to acquire throughout their curriculum. Thus, they never fail to call upon their students to showcase their talent.

We have a very strong bond with our alumni

Our commitments to them continue long after their graduation. Indeed, we are committed to contributing to their professional development throughout their careers as soon as we have the opportunity to do so.

Our events, our communication activities and our partnerships are all opportunities to put them to work, allowing them to showcase their artistic and technical skills, but also for the youngest graduates, to gain new experience that will complement their CV. Design of the signage on our campuses, illustration of our communication, video recording of our events, shooting of graduation ceremonies… are some of the missions for which our alumni are primarily called upon. Our aim is to promote their professional integration and to enable them to enrich their career path even further.

Highlighting the work of our students is a vocation

This is why Icônes schools do not hesitate to encourage the projects of their alumni, either by supporting them financially or by taking part as a sponsor in their implementation. Exhibitions, festivals, company projects… are all opportunities for our alumni to count on our unfailing support.

This longer-term support, which continues long after their academic studies, is a virtuous circle in which our alumni play a leading role. Indeed, once they are well established in their professional environment, they too are eager to support the younger graduates by providing advice and recommendations. In this way, they help to facilitate their professional integration and perpetuate the family spirit that is the strength of the schools members of the Icônes network.

We support our former students in any kind of professional project: creation of video games, artworks, graphic design or photography services…