An architectural ambition

Our campuses are the result of bold and innovative thinking

The campuses of the Icônes network are distinguished by their outstanding architecture and design. The buildings are thought out in an environmental, ecological and practical logic, in line with the values that drive us.

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Campuses designed by renowned architects

The schools members of the Icônes network are integrated into large campuses. Their conception and development are the result of bold and innovative thinking, where elegance, design and sobriety combine perfectly. It is therefore no coincidence that behind the realisation of these buildings lie renowned architects whose reputation is well established.

Philippe Dubus, Armand Nouvet and Josep Lluis Mateo are some of the big names behind these buildings, some of which have only just been completed. Their design, simple, pure and their slender lines, are part of a logic of coherence, and from one school to another, a pattern seems to emerge. The issues of eco-responsibility and sustainability influence the visual identity of these buildings, in which plants often play a key role.

Architecture at the service of art education

Initially designed to serve students and in correlation with their pedagogical vocation, these buildings are particularly well suited to artistic teaching and creative activities. Organised around large spaces, they offer our students optimal conditions to develop their artistic practice and encourage exchange. Nothing is left to chance, and the high volumes and acoustics ensure optimal enhancement of our students’ work.

The residences on our campuses are designed to provide maximum comfort for our students and promote their well-being on a daily basis. Far from the clichés of small flats, the accommodations they offer are distinguished by their layout, organised around optimised and functional spaces that are particularly appreciated by our students.


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