Diversity, equal opportunity and CSR

Icônes label also stands for a group of values that our member schools have in common.In addition to sharing them, they ensure that they are respected on a daily basis, both with regard to their students and their staff.

With regard to our students...

As educational institutions that welcome those who will shape tomorrow’s society, our member schools are aware of their social responsibility and embrace this role. At our level, we are the actors of a more human-friendly society.

Therefore, Icônes schools share values that every employee is committed to respecting. The label is a guarantee for each student, whoever he or she may be, to have the opportunity to develop his or her abilities, to make his or her skills evolve and to improve his or her performance, while benefiting from personalized support. Because equal opportunity is a principle that none of our schools can depart from.

Our recruitment processes are just one example: our students are selected on the basis of objective and empirical criteria by our teaching teams, who systematically study the candidate’s academic/artistic record and conduct a motivational interview.

... and our employees

It is also in this logic of equity and equality of opportunity that the member schools of the Icônes network offer from the 2nd year of study an internal scholarship, aimed at supporting and accompanying students likely to encounter difficulties in financing their studies. The Icônes label is particularly proud of this scheme, which is now available in all of our schools, and which has already benefited many students, enabling them to pursue the course of study they had chosen and to achieve the professional goals they had set themselves.

Finally, the member schools of the Icônes network value the fundamental principle of diversity, which they seek to uphold both among their population of students and their staff. This diversity, whether in terms of gender, social origin or culture, gives our schools a very mixed character, reflecting the image of our society.