Territorial anchoring

Within the various metropolises where they are established, the member schools of the Icônes network fully assume their role as local actors. To this end, cultural and artistic events are ideal opportunities.

Promoting access to culture for all

is a mission that is close to our hearts. Therefore, as a network of schools specialising in artistic higher education, we attach great importance to the artistic and cultural events offered in the cities that host our schools. ManifestO, MICC, Images Singulières, Spanish Film Festival, Motion Motion, Tubecon, GaCha, SPPQ, Illustration Québec… are just some of the events that our schools support, whether in Toulouse, Lyon, Montpellier, Rennes, Nantes or Montreal.

In addition, our schools regularly host art exhibitions and conferences, and dedicate some spaces on their campuses to local or international artists. The territorial anchoring of our schools is also evident in the links we build with local companies and actors, which we regularly host during the various events organised by our teams throughout the year. We develop relationships of exchange and trust with them, which allows us to stay in touch with the realities of the market and the expectations of the local economic fabric. Some of our campuses also have dedicated areas to accommodate these companies, with a view to fostering a dynamic of co-creation and pooling of facilities.

Our partners