Professional recognition

A school network with high academic standards

Professionals in the sectors and industries for which the member schools of the Icônes network train are certainly the most qualified to talk about the high level of academic standards that drive us, as well as the expertise of our graduates.

Close ties with companies

Maintaining privileged relationships with companies in the sectors in which we train is a priority for the members of the Icônes network. It is in this very strong link that unites us with the professional world that lies one of our strengths, and which above all benefits our graduate students.

Conferences, workshops, juries, recruitment sessions… Our member schools multiply the opportunities to meet with professional actors, who come to share their knowledge and give their precious advice to aspiring creatives. They can also see the quality of our teaching, evaluate the professional conditions offered in each of our schools, and discover the real abilities of our students. On these occasions, they regularly report on the high level of competence throughout the courses offered at Icônes schools.

An extensive network in France, Canada and abroad

This special relationship is also the result of many years of hard work by our teams, who regularly go out to meet companies likely to recruit our students. Whether in France or abroad, we strive to make our network more dynamic every year and to expand it by meeting new professional actors. This enables the schools members of the Icônes network to stay in touch with the professional market, to keep a close eye on its evolution, and to adapt their pedagogical approach if necessary.

Finally, the professional recognition from which the Icônes schools benefit today is the logical consequence of the quality of our graduates. Sure values, they are appreciated for their expertise, their creativity, their seriousness, and their ability to integrate into a project. Their achievements demonstrate an unfailing commitment, a high level of professional standards and a desire to always push the limits of excellence a little further.