International recognition

The schools members of the Icônes network enjoy international recognition and notoriety. Students from its ranks benefit from this notoriety once they enter the job market.

The recognition of the greatest

Icônes schools have always worked to highlight the skills and talents of their students. This approach, which is part of our DNA, allows our member schools to benefit from a solid reputation abroad, and contributes to the professional integration of our graduates.

This is notably the case for ESMA, one of the members of the Icônes network: ranked 4th best 3D animation school in the world according to the specialised website Animation Career Review (2020 ranking), the school counts some of the biggest names in the sector among its supporters. Pixar Animation, Disney Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Ubisoft and Illumination Mac Guff are some of the major international animation studios that recruit its best talents upon graduation. And Kristof Serrand, Director of Animation at Dreamworks Animation, insists: “The qualities of ESMA are the qualities of a school of the highest standards”.

Festivals and other cultural ceremonies have strengthened this international recognition by rewarding the work of our students. One example is the Student Academy Awards, given by the members of the highly prestigious Oscar Academy, which on several occasions has selected our students’ productions. These international events, which benefit from worldwide visibility, are real showcases for students who have just graduated from Icônes schools.

Finally, our alumni are also the best ambassadors for this international recognition. Their skills, their reliability and, above all, their technical and artistic ease, are widely accepted among professionals. Internationally, the alumni of the Icônes network are a sure value and prepare the ground for future graduates.