Academic excellence

The member schools of the Icônes Network are committed to excellence. It is with this perspective in mind that our teams conceive and adapt the educational programs, in order to foster the success of our students and facilitate their professional integration.

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The success of our students is our priority.

As an academic label, it is our duty to implement all the means required to achieve this goal. Within the member schools of the Icônes network, it is in a personalized pedagogical approach, where each of our students is followed and accompanied with particular attention, that our mission can truly succeed.

In contact with their teachers, most of whom come from the professional world, Icônes students discover and improve their chosen speciality, demonstrating a strong personal investment and an unwavering commitment. At their side, they experiment, deepen their knowledge and apply it in practice, also benefiting from the expert eye of the various professionals whose interventions punctuate the courses (conferences, masterclasses…).

Increasingly exceptional success rates

Each year, the final exams are an opportunity for our students to demonstrate this academic excellence, with increasingly exceptional success rates from one graduating class to the next. Arts contests and renowned festivals also bear witness to this, rewarding the hard work of our students, sometimes even before they have left the ranks of our schools.

The campuses of the member schools of the Icônes network also reflect this philosophy.These living and study spaces, sometimes freshly emerged from the ground, offer structures and equipment that match our goals of excellence, allowing our students to achieve personal fulfillment throughout their studies.  Because if academic excellence is our ambition, the well-being of our students is our vocation.