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School and educational approach

3D animator, character designer or designer-modeler, these are some of the career opportunities to which leads our training in 3D Animation and Special Effects.
This field, which is transforming the art of digital technology, is constantly being perfected in order to “give us the illusion”. Every day, animation professionals revolutionize the film, advertising, television and video game industries to create our super heroes, the sets of our future video games or the monsters of the next blockbuster.

The technique makes it possible to give life and soul to a computer-generated image. But it’s up to 3D animators and character designers, among others, to create and imagine the universe. Their daily life, rich and exciting, offers a new challenge every day.

In our training in 3D Animation and Special Effects, professionals are at the heart of the projects: they analyze the demand, anticipate the problems and elaborate the foundations. Thereafter, they implement the design and management of these projects.

étudiante arts appliqués


Required profile & curriculum

Since 1993, ESMA, School of Applied Arts in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon and Montreal, has been committed to training creative professionals.

“Creative” because they are open to their environment, have a solid artistic culture and master their creative tools: felt-tip pens and brushes for some, cameras or computer software for others.

“Professionals” because they are capable of analysing a client’s request and translating it with art in their different sectors of activity, respecting both their artistic identities and production requirements.

ESMA’s mission is to support its students throughout their creative vocation with rigour, realism and professionalism by offering them, throughout their studies, an education and a framework conducive to the development of their talents.

ESMA trains future 3D, graphic and space designers…


ESMA School of Applied Arts in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon and Montreal, is fully integrated into each of the cities in which it is located. Its campuses, entirely dedicated to the life of its students, are true examples of the quality of student life.