School and educational approach

Historically a school of photography, ETPA is also a school of video games.

Passion is the starting point and determination is the key word. From their arrival until the end of their curriculum, students evolve in an environment where commitment, rigour and the need to express themselves prevail.

It is always with the same determination and the same passion that our educational team works to allow each of our students to reveal his / her talent. Mastery of the professional, technical and artistic environment: these are the objectives of our training courses.

By strengthening its roots in the professional world over the last 40 years, ETPA has been contributing to the optimal integration of its students. We aim to bring students as close as possible to the realities of their future occupations: this is our educational project.

Studying at ETPA also means taking part in meetings, trade fairs and conferences of professionals or artists, participating in exhibitions, competitions and festivals to become operative creatives by the end of the course.

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Required profile & curriculum

Since its creation in 1974, ETPA has always cultivated a pluralism to which the school remains committed today.
Both close to tradition and in osmosis with current trends, the school of photography is renowned above all for its training… in photography (offered on Toulouse campus)!

However, ETPA has also recently opened up to another field, becoming an undisputed school of video game. This training is available in Toulouse, Rennes and Montpellier.

While developing its outreach throughout France and beyond its borders, this school of photography has managed to keep a spirit full of conviviality and simplicity, in which all the students who will integrate this great family will feel at ease.

At ETPA, students are confronted every day with all conceptions of art in its entirety. Thanks to its wide experience, the school is able to meet the expectations of each student.


Located in Toulouse, Montpellier and Rennes, our school of photography and video games allows its students to live on the very campus of their school, in a calm and pleasant environment.