School and educational approach

IPESAA is an arts school based in Montpellier, which provides training in the creative field.

It focuses on concrete projects in order to prepare students for the professional reality. Workshops are regularly organized. The school of illustration and graphic communication organizes several exchanges with local cultural players, and the students have many opportunities to exhibit their work during festivals and trade shows.
School with a human scale, dynamic and highly demanding, IPESAA aims to be a real springboard for future designers, illustrators, communicators and other creative professionals, providing them with the keys to professional success and fulfillment in a field where excellence is required.

IPESAA Montpellier


Required profile & curriculum

School of illustration in Montpellier, IPESAA welcomes students from all backgrounds, although it is often favored by long-time Montpellier residents.

When they join our school of graphic communication, students are both surprised and reassured by the warm and family atmosphere that makes IPESAA so special, without altering its dynamism.

Culturally committed to all the fields of study it offers, the school has also been able to renew itself by creating a few years ago the Illustration department, which has already witnessed the emergence of some very promising names from its ranks, despite its young existence.


Established in the very heart of the city, IPESAA stands out from the other Icônes schools due to its unique geographical location.Just a stone’s throw from the Comédie, in the center of Montpellier, the school of illustration has been operating for about ten years at the crossroads of culture and creation.